Friday, March 19, 2010

Another day in the life...

The vehicle you see smashed up hit a van, this said van hit the work truck, and I was in a car accident... Nothing too serious, but these kinds of things tend to "stir up the molecules." We had been attempting to put up signs at one location, and the posts these things were supposed to go on were pulled out of the ground. We had put them in the back of the truck to take back to the shop. It was a good thing they had been tied down, that coupled with the fact that the van tried to swerve to avoid hitting us and smashed up the side with out the metal posts, which easily could have hurt someone had they gone through the windshield... The ended up catching the kids who stole/wrecked the car. I suppose this was just another reminder that people get into accidents every day, and life can be shorter than we plan it to be. I'm glad it was the truck that got screwed up and not us.

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