Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An opportunity arose when I least expected it. I had the honor of being included in the "Savages and Princesses- The Persistence of Native American Stereotypes" exhibition at 108 Contemporary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After a panel discussion at the gallery, I met Artist Mallory Taylor who (following a chat about Murals and Street Art) had informed me that she was not only working on a prime spot in Downtown Tulsa, but was also putting out a call for Artists to submit work for a mural at a unique location at the Port of Catoosa. I was immediately interested, and eventually submitted a painting (which ended up not being chosen.)I ended up submitting a sketch of construction workers as well as a tug boat and a train engine, this design was chosen, with some minor changes. The dimensions for the location gave me the impression of some kind of giant water tower "cube" but upon seeing the structure I knew it would be a fun challenge. These photos are a small part of the documentation of the process and progress made over 4 separate painting sessions that ran roughly 5 to 6 hours, using all Montana Spray Paint. I had to change the design to fit the structure as well as incorporating elements from the other muralists work. It was great to get out and flex the spray can skills, now days I tend to work more on small scale paintings. This was a great project to work on and I hope that the Port Authority likes the new splash of color that has been added to the location. Big ups to fellow Muralist Jeremy Fields, Special shout out to the workers who took time to bring the ladders back and forth, as well as the Port for providing a space for Art, and of course a special thanks goes to Mallory for her dedication to the Arts and for providing us fellow Creative types a place to work. #Murals #Art #PublicArt #Spraypaint #MontanaCans #StreetArt #Walls #HokaSkenandore